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Dr. Lindsay Mathieson, R.Psych.


Dr. Lindsay Mathieson is a registered psychologist who specializes in the assessment and treatment of anxiety, mood disturbances, and disordered eating in children, adolescents, and young adults. She also works with parents in managing their child’s emotional and behavioural difficulties. Dr. Mathieson’s approach is client-centered and is grounded in evidence-based approaches, most notably, cognitive behavioural therapy.

Dr. Mathieson also specializes in the assessment of developmental and behavioural concerns, such as learning disabilities, ADHD, intellectual disability, and prenatal substance exposure. Through these assessments, Dr. Mathieson identifies an overall profile, including strengths and weaknesses, and makes recommendations for home and school that best support the child/adolescent’s needs in those settings.

Dr. Mathieson received her PhD in Developmental Psychopathology and Clinical Science from the University of Minnesota, specializing in child development and clinical psychology. She completed her yearlong residency in the Department of Clinical Health Psychology within the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Manitoba, with a focus on assessment and treatment of children and adolescents.

Dr. Mathieson’s program of research has focused on relational aggression (e.g., rumour spreading, gossiping, excluding peers from a social group) in children and adolescents and its associations with internalizing difficulties, including depression and anxiety. She has published scholarly articles in this area and presented her work at numerous academic conferences.

Dr. Mathieson previously worked at Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children, conducting assessments with children and adolescents within both the Complex Development and Behaviour Conditions (CDBC) and Provincial Autism Resource Centre (PARC) programs.