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Resources for Adults


BC Partners for Mental Health & Addictions Information
A great website with a wealth of self-help resources for a range of mental health concerns (See Wellness Modules).

CCI Free CBT Workbooks
Visit this website for a range of free CBT workbooks on a variety of topics including Panic, Depression, Self-Esteem, Assertiveness, Worry, Health Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Self-compassion, Perfectionism and more.


An excellent website with information about anxiety and anxiety problems, and self-help strategies and resources for managing anxiety.
MAP (My Anxiety Plan) - an online anxiety management course highlighting core cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) strategies for developing more balanced thinking, learning relaxation and mindfulness strategies, and facing fears head on (exposure).
MindShift CBT -an anxiety management app with cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) tools for developing healthier thinking, learning relaxation and mindfulness strategies, and facing fears.

Canadian Psychological Association- “Psychology Works” Factsheets
A great website with a wealth of information on a range of mental health concerns.

Anxiety and Phobia Workbook - Edmund Bourne (2010).
This helpful book teaches skills to manage a wide range of anxiety problems.  


10 Simple Solutions to Panic:  How to Overcome Panic Attacks, Calm Physical Symptoms, and Reclaim Your Life - Martin Antony & Randi McCabe (2004).

Social Anxiety

10 Simple Solutions to Shyness: How to Overcome Shyness, Social Anxiety, and Fear of Public Speaking - Martin Antony (2004).

The Shyness and Social Anxiety Workbook:  Proven, Step-by-Step Techniques for Overcoming Your Fear - Martin Antony & Richard Swinson (2008).

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

The Anxious Thoughts Workbook: Skills to Overcome the Unwanted Intrusive Thoughts that Drive Anxiety, Obsessions, and Depression (New Harbinger Self-Help Workbook) - David Clark (2018).

Overcoming Obsessive Thoughts:  How to Gain Control of Your Obsessive Thoughts - Christine Purdon & David Clark (2005).

Overcoming Compulsive Checking:  Free Your Mind From OCD - Paul Munford (2004).

Overcoming Compulsive Washing:  Free Your Mind From OCD - Paul Munford (2005).

International OCD Foundation
A great website with lots of information and resources for OCD.

Dr. Michelle Haring Discusses OCD


Generalized Anxiety and Worry

The Generalized Anxiety Disorder Workbook: A Comprehensive CBT Guide for Coping with Uncertainty, Worry, and Fear - Melisa Robichaud and Michel Dugas (2015).

The Worry Workbook: CBT Skills to Overcome Worry and Anxiety by Facing the Fear of Uncertainty -Melisa Robichaud and Kristin Buhr (2018).

10 Simple Solution to Worry: How to Calm Your Mind, Relax Your Body, and Reclaim Your Life - Kevin Gyoerkoe and Pamela Wiegartz (2006).

Mastery of Your Anxiety and Worry - Michelle Craske and David Barlow (2006).

Dr. Melanie Badali Discusses Generalized Anxiety Disorder


Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Overcoming the Trauma of Your Motor Vehicle Accident: A Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment Program Workbook. Edward Hickling & Edward Blanchard (2006).

Transforming Tragedy: Finding Growth Following Life's Traumas. Edward Hickling (2012).



When Perfect Isn’t Good Enough:  Strategies for Coping with Perfectionism - Martin Antony and Richard Swinson (2009).

Health Anxiety

It’s Not All In Your Head:  How Worrying About Your Health Could Be Making You Sick, and What You Can Do About It - Gordon Asmundson & Steven Taylor (2005).


Self-Esteem: A Proven Program of Cognitive Techniques for Assessing, Improving & Maintaining Your Self-Esteem - Matthew McKay & Patrick Fanning (2000).

Dr. Melanie Badali discusses Self-Esteem


Anger Management

The Anger Control Workbook: Simple, Innovative Techniques for Managing Anger and Developing Healthier Ways of Relating - Matthew McKay & Peter Rogers (2000)

ACT on Life Not on Anger: The New Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Guide to Problem Anger - Georg Eifert et al. (2006).


Dr. Michelle Haring's Presentation on Depression


Bounce Back Program
Bounce Back is an evidence-based program designed to help adults experiencing symptoms of mild to moderate depression, low mood, or stress.

Living Life to the Full
A course that provides tools to help people make positive changes in their lives to reduce stress and manage mood.  

Antidepressant Skills Workbook
A link to a printable CBT-based self-help workbook for people struggling with depression.

Mind Over Mood: Change How You Feel by Changing the Way You Think - Dennis Greenberger & Christine Padesky (1995).

Your Depression Map:  Charting Your Own Course Back to Health - Randy Paterson (2002).

The Feeling Good Handbook - David Burns (1999).


Quiet Your Mind and Get to Sleep: Solutions to Insomnia for Those with Depression, Anxiety or Chronic Pain - Colleen Carney and Rachel Manbar (2009)

Adult Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD; ADD)

Canadian ADHD Resource Alliance
A website devoted to information and resources for individuals of any age who suffer from ADHD and their families.

Russell Barkley’s website
Another website devoted to information and resources for ADHD across the lifespan from one of the top experts in the field.


Dr. Sarah Greer's Presentation on Dementia


At the North Shore Stress and Anxiety Clinic, we recommend high quality resources for our clients and families that are based on the best, up-to-date, scientific research available.