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Services for Couples

Satisfying and close relationships are vital to our emotional and physical well-being, yet they can present many challenges. Many of us may face times when we feel misunderstood, distant, or unsupported by our partners. We may experience lack of intimacy or unresolved arguments that leave us feeling lonely, frustrated, and sad. We may become stuck in habitual ways of dealing with emotions and engaging with our partners that result in distress or hopelessness.Our psychologists can help you build stronger bonds and improve communication so your relationship is more fulfilling and connected. We will help you discover what is most important to both of you and support you in exploring your thoughts and feelings to move forward and take the steps required to create lasting change.

Our competent and compassionate professionals have years of experience helping couples improve their relationships. Working together with your psychologist, you will learn powerful ways to enhance your relationship based on the collaborative principles of emotionally-focused therapy (EFT) and/or the Gottman Method.  These short-term, evidenced- based couples treatments will help you to:

●  Become more aware of your thoughts and feelings and how these affect communicating with, and responding to, your partner
●  Identify the key patterns in your relationship and how these may get in the way of having a satisfying connection
●  Create new experiences that promote safety and security in your relationship
●  Learn more positive ways to communicate and manage conflict
●  Experience new patterns of interacting that allow your relationship to become healthier and more rewarding for both of you.

The first step toward feeling better is for you both to meet with your psychologist so that he or she can better understand your unique situation and needs. In subsequent sessions, your psychologist will guide and support you through the process of better understanding your relationship, responses, and interaction patterns. Investing in your relationship through learning and experiencing new ways of interacting can bring you closer together and improve your life. Let us help your partnership grow and thrive.

The Couples Services Team
Dr. Dagmar Bernstein, R.Psych.
Dr. Mazen Elchami, R.Psych.
Dr. Ivana Macar, R.Psych.
Dr. Jocelyn Lymburner, R.Psych.