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Resources for Couples

Hold Me Tight: Your Guide To The Most Successful Approach to Building Loving Relationships - Sue Johnson (2012).
Learn skills to de-escalate conflict, create a safe emotional connection, and strengthen bonds between partners.

International Centre for Excellence in Emotion Focused Therapy  (ICEEFT)
This website contains a range of resources including books, tapes and DVDs dedicated to the understanding and enhancement of couple and family relationships by learning ways to better manage emotions and their interpersonal impact.

10 Lessons to Transform Your Marriage - John Gottman et al. (2007).
This book provides important information to help couples develop the skills to turn  their relationship problems around and create strong and lasting relationships.

Gottman Institute Website
This website has a range of resources based on Gottman Method Couples Therapy to help couples break through barriers to achieve greater understanding, connection and intimacy in their relationships. This approach is a structured, goal-oriented, scientifically-based therapy.

Couples Skills: Making Your Relationship Work - Mathew McKay et al. (2006).
Learn how to improve communication, cope better with problems, and resolve conflicts with the one you love in healthy and creative ways.

At the North Shore Stress and Anxiety Clinic, we recommend high quality resources for our clients and families that are based on the best, up-to-date, scientific research available.